The Whitney Houston Biennial Serenades with an All Women Art Biennial
The 2019 theme “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” will be a cross-pollination of female artists across mediums, generations, and ethnicities from a multitude of social backgrounds. As a hybrid art festival/exhibition - cooperative/laboratory/incubator - organizing platform, our mission is to provide opportunities to emerging and established artists to elevate each other.
Film Festival Submissions
Film Submissions for Whitney Houston Biennial 2019 have officially opened.
If you are a filmmaker and have a film which would suit our agenda, please do not hesitate to submit it to next year’s festival. We are interested in feature films, documentaries and short films which deal with the topic of gender, art and feminism in some way, have strong diverse complex female* characters and more or less challenge the norm of mainstream filmmaking. Our main focus is female, queer, non-binary and trans filmmakers but we can make exceptions in case the film has a strong feminist agenda.
Any questions about submissions please email us at

If you want to submit a suggestion for a workshop or another collaboration please email

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Our 2019 exhibition will include a larger film festival, more exhibition programming, and multiple exhibition venues. Your support would be invaluable in expanding and growing the Whitney Houston Biennial into all that it can be. If you're interested making creative space for others, please contact us at
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The Whitney Houston Biennial is a non-profit that orchestrates a salon-style art exhibition including live performances, poetry readings, and a film festival that is commited to creating a new consciousness in the world of art which favors encouragement, connection, inspiration and ground breaking ideas. The Whitney Houston Biennial debuted in 2014 with 86 artists as a single day event, and grew to a two-week event that featured195 artists in 2017. In 2019 the WHB will be expanding from New York to include Los Angeles. Our two city, 2019 exhibition will include a week long film festival and expanded exhibition programming.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are very friendly and always open to  interesting ideas, student work or opportunities to be part of an event.
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Application for the art exhibitions will open In January for New York and Los Angeles Art Exhibition
This will be curated by our team. Please send us an email for consideration
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Coverage has been wide and ample over the years - proving that there is no better time for an all woman biennial that pays attention to notable and upcoming artists.
Big contemporary art survey shows all tend to have one thing in common: a predominance of male artists. This year’s Whitney Biennial in New York may be a more representative showcase of the current state of American art (both in terms of race and gender) than is the norm”
From Vice I-D
Forget the Whitney Biennial, get yourself to the second edition (the first was in 2014) of the Whitney Houston Biennial in New York, a showcase made up of entirely women artists. A cheeky play on the long-established mega biennial, which is on at the same time, this alternative art survey seeks to reinforce the (gradually) increasing awareness by art institutions of the need for much greater female representation. ”
From WWD
Whitney Houston Biennial 2017 Features 125 Female Artists in New York City The original plan for the 2017 installment was to feature 48 to 55 artists, but after totaling everything up, the organizer Christine Finley wound up with 125.”
In New York’s abundance of art fairs and gallery shows, male artists have always tended to outnumber female artists. One show this Spring, however, sought to change this gender imbalance: The Whitney Houston Biennial. ”
By now, everyone knows the art world isn’t the easiest place to be a woman. Every year, seminal female artists are left out of museum retrospectives and gallery exhibitions in lieu of their over-shown and overpaid male counterparts. Though it has gotten better, it’s still not enough. That’s why artist and curator, Christine Finley, has put together her own all-female version of The Whitney Biennial. A survey of female artists in every medium from across the globe, The Whitney Houston Biennial is Finley’s answer to The Whitney’s yearly exhibition that showcases the world’s most promising young artists. The problem is, countless women are always left out. Not this year.”
From Wallpaper
Three years ago, artists Christine Finley and Eddy Segal were talking about the Whitney Biennial. If she were curator, said Finley (known professionally as C Finley), she’d mix things up by filling three floors with art by women. ‘It’d be called the Whitney Houston Biennial!’ Segal declared. While their exchange was only half-serious, Finley realised it was a solid idea. Two months later, she launched the inaugural Whitney Houston Biennial as a four-hour happening, where work by 85 female artists filled a 3,000 sq ft Brooklyn suite. Finley has been planning its second iteration, which kicks off this week, ever since.”
The Whitney Biennial may be the talk of the town at the moment, both because it’s arguably the most prestigious art world event on U.S. soil and because it never fails to drum-up some sort of controversy. ”
From W Magazine
The Whitney Houston Biennial Is Not Messing Around ”
The Whitney Houston Biennial Is Here To Make Your Feminist Art Dreams Come True ”
From Art City
Finding Light (And An Ode To The Ass) In The 2017 Whitney Houston Biennial ”
From Baxter St
No surprise this underdog biennial had already gotten TV and press coverage before it opened, so the line to get in was a block long. As I made my way into the exhibition space with my family, our eyes/hearts/minds became full of the glorious spectacle that is this all-female group show. The exhibition space itself is small but the floor-to-ceiling, salon-style hanging is democratic and accommodates humans of all sizes. My son and other children I saw there were thrilled by the work at their eye level. ”
From Art News
If the thought of another Whitney Biennial bores you, there’s always this year’s Whitney Houston Biennial, a women-artists-only response curated by Christine Finley, a young artist who works in geometric abstraction. “The aim of bringing together so many creative voices is to sing a collective song that celebrates the contributions of pioneer female artists and marks a moment in our communal trajectory,” ”
From Head Stuff
New York City is an incomparably brimming hub for any and all pseudo-creative types, hyper-real and saturated with every conceivable dramatic, artistic, musical and miscellaneous creative performance you never knew you were missing. ”
From Flavorwire
There were many alternatives to the Whitney Biennial this week, but the most lauded would have to be the one with the most enigmatic name: The Whitney Houston Biennial: I’m Every Woman. Curated by artist Christine Finley, this show was exactly what it sounds like: an all-female-artist alternative to the established Whitney Biennial. Since so much of the art world is a boy’s club, it seems especially necessary — and exciting — to have a separate space where female artists are celebrated. ”
Art Matters | A Biennial With Another Whitney in Mind ”
Whitney Houston: Feminist Art Icon - Challenging what they see as the sexism of the Whitney Biennale, a group of female artists come together under the banner of a pop diva. ”
A different kind of Whitney: Show puts feminist twist on the Biennial ”
Annie Sprinkle
Sienna Shields
Mickalene Thomas
C. Finley
Guerrilla Girls
Micol Hebron
Suzanne Wright
Elizabeth Bick
Tabitha Soren
Beth Stephens
Maureen St. Vincent
Chloe Bass
Nomi Ruiz
Kelsey Lu
Michelle Rogers
Liz Collins
Margeaux Walter